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FunHound delivers  comprehensive digital marketing that
captures more business and increases sales conversions.

Digital Sales and Marketing is crucial to the success of your business. Problem 1... most small to midsize business owners have neither the time or the resources to put towards an effective digital marketing strategy. Problem 2... there are 2-3 affordable CRM Marketing Automation platforms, however requires someone "full time" to manage and not easy to use.... We Understand and got you covered

As your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, we'll make the time to understand your Digital Marketing Strategy and point out whats working, what not working and what will help to increase conversion rates... more sales, appointments or both

WellGiG, in the form of Well-Quests, provides employers with author/mentor led Quests... dedicated to mentoring and leading each employee along the path of Whole Health.

Attract More Business &
Increasing Sales Conversion!

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